Sometimes in this world of brand marketing, I get a blank look when I try to help people understand the importance of their website, logo, and brand. I mean, it’s just some info, right? Get it out there, and the world will know you exist. Piece of cake.

Not really.

Ask yourself this: when you see a company with an outdated logo, or a difficult-to-use website, or with a marketing material (perhaps a flyer or brochure) that’s hard to understand, much less to figure out what they offer, do you do business with that company? The answer is probably no, if you’re being honest. Why? Because at its very base, an excellent brand (that’s a fancy term for your company’s look, style, and message) will intrinsically communicate one thing, if it communicates nothing else: trustworthiness.

That’s right. Without saying a word, a great logo and website will tell your potential clients that you’re trustworthy–that you invested in your company and you’ll invest in them. It tells them that you know what you’re talking about. It tells them that you’re someone they want to do business with. All before they ever set foot in your storefront or call you for services.

It’s that important.

But I get it… flashy websites are expensive and the template-y, ad-loaded, pre-designed stuff out there is not something you want to learn, much less master. You just need a great site that you don’t have to think about. You just need a logo that will look great on a t-shirt and a billboard. And you just want all of this without promising your firstborn child, or severing a limb to get it. Right?

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