Did you know that we offer retainer packages?

If you’re not familiar with the concept, a retainer package simply means that you have the luxury of having a dedicated graphic and web designer on your team without the expense of hiring a full-time employee. Because let’s face it: full-time employees are not cheap. From health care to benefits, office space to vacation time, there is a lot more to having a full-time employee than just salary. And let’s not even mention the fact that if you want a decent employee, you need to offer a decent salary.

That’s why retainers are so awesome. You get high quality work for a fraction of the cost. And unlike simply hiring freelance ad hoc, retainer packages mean the same designer every time (that’s me). We build a rapport. You gain the confidence of knowing that your brand will be consistent, well thought out, with a long-term vision in mind.

The best of both worlds

It’s the best of both worlds: a dedicated team member without the full-time employee cost.

But there’s a catch (there’s always a catch, isn’t there?). We only have limited slots available. In order to ensure quality, we only maintain a few retainer slots at any given time. That way, we can dedicate time and creativity to you. We could have become a big marketing agency and gathered hundreds of clients. We have intentionally chosen to stay small and focus on a few clients at a time. Because we’re passionate about what we do. We know you are, too.

What we offer

We custom build retainer packages for your business or ministry, based on your needs and your budget. To give you an idea of what can be included in your retainer package, here is a small list of what we offer:

  • Web design and maintenance
  • Graphic design
  • Print product design including: collateral, premiums, large format signs, banners, event marketing, and more
  • WHOLESALE printing rates for all of the aforementioned items

So if you’ve been on the fence about what to do about your branding, marketing, and website, consider a retainer with Minor 5 Studio. We’re opening slots for a limited time, and they’re first come first serve. When they’re gone, they’re gone.

Let’s make your business grow.

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